'A Helpline That’s Become Veeraswami’s Lifeline'

Dudala Veeraswami, East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh

Dudala Veeraswami got Information Services through Mobile-Based Helpline for Farmers by Reliance Foundation
  • Dudala Veeraswami of Vakada village in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, is a happy man. He is getting a very good yield from his 13-acre paddy field, thanks to Reliance Foundation’s mobile-based helpline. "I first came across the Foundation’s name in a scroll on local cable television. I was curious as to how a big company could help farmers like me. So I contacted the helpline. The staff briefed me and thereafter started sending me regular audio messages on my mobile.
  • Through mobile conferencing scientists discussed and solved the problems I was facing in my farm. "I followed their advice. I’m now getting a yield of 38-40 paddy bags per acre, much higher than before. The Foundation has also helped me understand market behaviour. Previously I used to grow crops that were difficult to sell. But now I understand that farmers should find out the market requirement and sow accordingly. Cultivating the same crop in the same season every season only brings down the price in the market. I now grow seasonal varieties in different times so that I can get a better price. From seed treatment to pest control to weather alerts to government subsidies and the right market price, the Foundation has been helping us to earn a better income."
  • Lakhs of Veeraswamis have benefited from the Reliance Foundation Information Services helplines in 5,500 villages across the country.