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Sulochana Shirvadekar, Homemaker, Mumbai

Medical Treatment of Sulochana Shirvadekar in Reliance Foundation Mobile Van
  • Sulochana Shirvadekar age 65, is a homemaker in the crowded slums of Saat Rasta area of Mumbai. She came to the Reliance Foundation Primary Care Clinic with her husband. She was not able to walk without the support of her husband due to a long-standing injury on her left foot.
  • “Initially I ignored it thinking it was a shoe bite but it got worse. We consulted a doctor in our slum but my pain and discomfort remained. One fortunate day my husband saw the Reliance Foundation Mobile van at Saat Rasta from where we were referred to this clinic,” Sulochana further explains,
  • the medical officer at Reliance Foundation Clinic found that her wound was 6 x 7 cm in size with severe fungal infection.
  • Her blood and sugar levels were way above normal making treatment difficult in a clinic. But Sulochana said she couldn’t afford hospitalisation. So the doctor at Reliance Foundation clinic took it as a challenge to treat her in OPD setting. Sulochana was given care for three weeks with regular dressing of wound.
  • Finally the Reliance Foundation team won the war against the diabetic wound and an injury that would have taken more than three or four months, was healed in six weeks. “I am very happy. The wound has healed completely and now I can perform my daily work well…Thanks to the Reliance Foundation Clinic team who made it possible even without admitting me in hospital and spending thousands.” Similarly 3,50,000 people have benefited from Reliance Foundation's Health For All programme.