In an effort to ensure food security of rural households, sustainable agriculture practices such as use of better quality seeds, application of organic manure, integrated nutrient management, and integrated pest and disease management measures are promoted. Over 49,800 households have become food secure with access to at least 10 quintals of food grains each year by bringing 65,500 ha of land under sustainable agricultural practices.

BIJ is supplementing the nutritional intake of rural households through the promotion of a small kitchen or backyard garden, known as Reliance Nutrition Gardens (RNG).

The RNG model is a cost effective, scientific and holistic kitchen garden model that meets the dietary requirements of rural households. These RNGs have improved the health and nutritional status of families by providing them with a diverse mix of vegetables, fruits and medicinal plants throughout the year.

This model has been adopted by Government of Maharashtra under its Rajmata Jijau Nutrition Mission to promote RNGs in anganwadi premises in 16 districts, to improve the dietary intake of over 2 lakh children.

To ensure sustainability of the project, BIJ has built the capacities of the anganwadi workers and ASHAs to manage RNGs. This has resulted in the children having access to nutritious meals every day, thereby improving their health and growth.