Key Highlights

  • Project Saksham has been initiated about 140 villages across seven Indian states.
  • All the villages have adopted a financial model that promotes ownership and sustainability of the community health worker system.
  • More than 90 health sub-committees have been formed in these villages, to supervise the community health worker system and lead health initiatives in their villages.
  • As many as 350 skilled community health workers have been deployed. Their capacities have been built in provision of home based care and point of care diagnostics at the doorsteps. These health workers are trained to collect information from field using tablets which acts as a critical input for the programme MIS. In over 460 cases, women with high risk pregnancies have been referred to higher services.
  • Over 4,500 children have been diagnosed with malnutrition. For further management, the diagnosed children are linked with anganwadi centre and nutrition rehabilitation centre through active community participation.