Picking Up the Pieces

Mithuben Bhanabhai Thakor suffered a massive financial setback when the heavy rains in Gujarat washed away huge quantities of agricultural produce – as she comes to terms with the loss, supplies received from Reliance Foundation have brought her comfort

Picking Up the Pieces

Mithuben Bhanabhai Thakor, a 45-year-old resident of Pedashpura village in Radhanpur, Gujarat, was caught unawares when a sudden rise in water levels destroyed her home completely. Her four-member family had no time to gather their belongings or stored foodgrains. They simply had to run for their lives.

While they emerged unscathed from that night of turmoil, they lost massive quantities of cluster beans and cumin – worth Rs 50,000 – which were washed away by the floods. With tears in her eyes, Mithuben Bhanabhai says, “I was anticipating good prices for my produce, especially cumin – but before I could sell it, all the produce got washed away. It was a great loss for me.”

When the Reliance Foundation (RF) team came to her village, Mithuben finally saw a ray of hope. “We felt there was someone who cared for us. Reliance Foundation provided us rations and tarpaulin sheets, along with blankets. I am happy that at least for a week, I will be able to feed my family members and sustain them with the supplies I received from Reliance Foundation.”

Mithuben also shares high praise for the manner in which relief supplies were disbursed, saying, “The Reliance Foundation team adopted a systematic method for kit distribution, which ensured that all affected families received kits and no one was left out.”