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Nita Ambani makes a strong case of Indian Sports growing ecosystem; invites global sport leaders to ‘New India’, land of limitless sporting opportunities
Mrs. Nita Ambani, member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Founder Chairperson, Reliance Foundation called upon the global leaders in sports to see India as a land of limitless opportunities
Reliance Foundation welcomes NBA for first-ever NBA Game in India, celebrating six years of partnership
Children from the Reliance Foundation Jr. NBA Program witnessed the first NBA India game between Sacramento Kings and Indiana Pacers, commemorating six years of the program.
Nita Ambani to present ceremonial ‘Match Ball’ to NBA
Reliance Foundation celebrates six years of India partnership with NBA. Invites stadium full of RF Jr NBA kids to watch the NBA stars live
Reliance Foundation’s initiative on plastic waste management in five villages of Patan district in Gujarat
Reliance Foundation (RF) has undertaken a plastic waste management initiative in the villages of Nayatwada, Abiyana, Masali, Chalvada and Dholakda in Patan District